Saturday, 25 August 2012

PMC Sterling

After playing with this for the first time the other day, I have to say that I love it!

I fired my first samples and had a successful firing, first time, no problems! This is unlike the base metal clays which still keep me on my toes!

The pieces I made aren't exactly intricate or complicated but I really just wanted to get a feel for the product. The most surprising thing is how flexible the clay is when dry. I had a long strip which I managed to bend to about 90 degrees, maybe a bit more before it snapped.

The other really big plus is the strength when fired. The pair of earrings I made were rolled out at 0.5mm thick! That's half the thickness needed for fine silver clays.

I still have half a pack left so more playing to be done. I'll report back and get some photos taken.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I'm back!

If any of you are still here then - hi!!

This blog has been dormant for a while but I'm resurrecting it and will be a lot more active here - promise!

Such a lot has happened to me since I was last here but the main thing is that I'm now back on my creative journey.

I'm firing ahead with new workshops and classes.

I'm also working on lots of new stock and hope to have a nicely stocked Etsy shop soon.

I'm also hoping to get more involved with my local events.

I've been working with PMC Sterling today for the first time. I'll get some work in progress piccies for you but so far I really love this product - lets just hope I can get it to fire!!